Our Members


Our Members Andrew

My name is Andrew Hollabaugh. I am a senior at North Hunterdon High School. I have done FRC for the past three years at different high schools. I am one of the founding members of Robostorm and have held many officer positions. I have also done many robotics projects on my own and have significant experience with 3D printing. I created this FTC team because the FRC teams I have been on in the past have been too large for my liking. I have gained significant leadership experience with Robostorm, and I wanted to take it further with an FTC team. I also use linux on a daily basis and play Alto Sax for the high school band. My leadership role on our team is co-captain.


Our Members Chase

My name is Chase Quijano. I am an 8th grader at Princeton Academy. In 7th grade I was on an FLL team 16130, and I was the director of research and solution development. I’ve been a member of the 4H Robostorm Club for 4 years. I joined the FTC team because I felt that It would be a big step up from FLL, and I would get a lot of coding experience and get better at working with others in my club. My hobbies are circuit board design, 3D printing, designing 3D models, and building things. Also, I am a Star Scout, Patrol Leader, and Webmaster in Boy Scouts Troop 43 in Princeton. I am interested in marketing as well. My leadership role on our team is awards.


Our Members Danny

My name is Danny Corbin. I am a 10th grader at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. In 8th grade I was on an FLL team, and in 9th grade I was on the school FRC team. I’ve been a member of the 4H Robostorm Club since 4th grade. I was excited to start the FTC team with Andrew because I thought the smaller team size would allow all the team members more involvement and input than the larger high school team. My hobbies are music production and playing Airsoft with my friends. My leadership role on our team is co-captain.


Our Members Ismail

I am Ismail Mansuri. I have been in Robostorm Robotics for about 3 years now. I was in a previous robotics club for 1 year, but then our club only had 2 members, so we merged into Robostorm. I am very interested in computer science and robotics. I am very eager to learn more in robotics, which is the reason why I joined the FTC team. Currently I attend the CSSEA (Computer Science and Software Engineering Academy) which runs out of Delaware Valley Regional High School District. This program currently selects only 23 people in the whole county who have gone through the application process, taken an interview, and a test. Using the skills I learn in the CSSEA and FTC I hope I will be able to gain more knowledge and better myself in computer science and robotics. My leadership role on our team is judging.


Our Members John

My name is John Brereton. I have been in Robostorm Robotics for about a year. I am a 6th grader at alexandria middle school. This is my first time on a FIRST robotics team. I joined the team because I enjoy tinkering with robots, programing and computer science. My role on the team is programing. My hobbies are 3D printing and playing Minecraft with my friends. My leadership role on our team is sponsorship and pit decoration.


Our Members Mike

My name is Mike Rowe. I'm a 10th grader at Hunterdon Central. In 8th grade I participated in a solar car race challenge which required me to build a small “toy” car that runs off of solar energy. Most built it out of wood and hot glue, I designed mine using CAD software (tinkercad) and 3D printed it so it was extra light and durable. In 9th grade I took a robotics class to learn more about the design process and problem solving. In that class I designed and made different robots to complete various challenges while documenting every step of the way. I joined the 4H Robostorm club in 4th grade. I was glad that Andrew decided to form the team because I feel that the high school team this year became too crowded and not a good learning environment. By founding our own team I already know the people on the team and it's less crowded meaning a more individualised learning experience. My hobbies are robotics, Boy Scouts, singing, dancing/partying, video games, and playing various strategy board games. My leadership role on our team is scouting.


Our Members Nick

My name is Nicholas Bailey. I am a 8th grader at Timberlane Middle School. I have participated in the robotics club at my school for the last two years. I’ve been a member of the 4H Robostorm Club since I was in 7th grade and in a another, now dissolved robotics club the year before. I was excited to be on the team because it would give me a chance to learn about coding and how mechanical parts can work together. In my free time, I like to play video games and watch youtube. My leadership role on the team is fact sheets.


Our Members Vivian

My name is Vivian Marr. I am a 7th grader at Readington Middle School. I have no prior experience with FIRST. I joined the team because I enjoy playing with circuit building games and building things in my free time. I thought that it would be fun to be on the team. My hobbies are reading, coloring and writing fiction. My leadership role on the team is engineering notebook.

Our Mentors and Coaches


Our Mentors and Coaches Barbara

I am Barbara Corbin. I am a first grade teacher and mentor for the LEGO Robotics Club at Rutgers Preparatory School. I strive to create a learning atmosphere that emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving. At home, the room that was the office 20 years ago has evolved project by project into a Makerspace. I started the LEGO Robotics Club at my school after being a parent volunteer in 2015-2016 with FLL Team 16130. I wanted to be a coach for FTC Team 12601 because I think experiences like FIRST Tech Challenge are beneficial to teens on so many levels: building, programming, working with a team, and communicating their ideas to teammates, judges, and the community.


Our Mentors and Coaches Derrick

I am Derrick Rowe. I am a Mechanical engineer working in the Medical Device/Consumer Health industry. I am Technical Product Owner for GSK working with Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs). My work involves troubleshooting and improving Process Robustness of varying manufacturing processes. I have worked in Automation, Quality, Validation and Manufacturing, departments in Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Consumer Health companies. I have been a “Maker” since before the word was commonly used. I have worked with my dad repairing antique bicycles and motorcycles and many other mechanical devices, built a 7ft tall Bumblebee with glowing eyes out of a garden cart and a Peg Perego jeep, made a working Monster Book of Monsters book (from Harry Potter) out of a Dry erase marker box and a VEX robot and am currently working with my son on a working BB8. I will mentor the rookie team members by demonstrating engineering principles, getting members to think outside of the box and strongly emphasize working to a timeline with enough time left to troubleshoot problems and work on driving skills.


Our Mentors and Coaches John

I am John Corbin. I am a mechanical engineer. After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, I started my own design and prototyping company, JC Components. Growing up, my hobbies were anything involving building, from LEGOs to remote control vehicles (cars, trucks, helicopters, boats, and planes) to automobiles. My experience with FIRST began immediately after graduation from college in 1992 when he was hired by his alma mater to coach the WPI/Mass Academy US FIRST team (now FRC) for 3 seasons. The experience was his first in competitive robotics, and he enjoyed the challenge and camaraderie. 2015-2016 he volunteered with FLL Team 16130 and in 2016-2017 he mentored the FRC Team 3637. It was interesting to see how FIRST has changed and stayed the same over the 20+ years since my first participation. I am excited to mentor FTC Team 12601 this year.


Our Mentors and Coaches Margie

My name is Margie Hollabaugh. I am a Mortgage Underwriter with Investors Bank for 12 years. I graduated from Douglass College-Rutgers Univ with a BA in Economics/Finance I have been a parent volunteer for 3 years with FRC Team 3637 and FRC Team 1279. I am currently a 4H Leader with Robostorm and now a FTC Mentor for Robostorm. I decided to become a Mentor because I believe that STEM Education is one of the most important tools all of our students can learn, not just for schoolwork, but for their careers and for life. The FIRST Robotics team is one of the best places to not only learn everything about STEM, but to learn life’s lessons...such as teamwork, lots of practical skills, hard work, and professionalism... all while having fun! My hobbies are cooking, baking and a sunny day at the beach.


Our Mentors and Coaches Rich

I am Rich Hollabaugh. I am a computer programmer, specializing in business application software and large databases. My hobbies include electronics, amatuer radio and Citroen automobiles from the 50s through the 80s. I was invited to help FRC team 3637 (the Daleks) 4 years ago and then ended up being a coach for the team for 1 year. I then moved on to help FRC team 1279 (ColdFusion) for 1 year. We then decided to create FTC team 12601 within our existing 4H Robotics club. It’s exciting being a coach for the team. Helping the team members learn new skills is rewarding.